Inline Elements

Inline document elements are used to format text and to perform various types of text substitution. Inline elements and inline element syntax is defined in the asciidoc(1) configuration files.

Here is a list of AsciiDoc inline elements in the (default) order in which they are processed:

Special characters
These character sequences escape special characters used by the backend markup (typically <, >, and & characters). See [specialcharacters] configuration file sections.
Elements that markup words and phrases; usually for character formatting. See [quotes] configuration file sections.
Special Words
Word or word phrase patterns singled out for markup without the need for further annotation. See [specialwords] configuration file sections.
Each replacement defines a word or word phrase pattern to search for along with corresponding replacement text. See [replacements] configuration file sections.
Attribute references
Document attribute names enclosed in braces are replaced by the corresponding attribute value.
Inline Macros
Inline macros are replaced by the contents of parametrized configuration file sections.
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