AsciiDoc Backends

The asciidoc(1) command translates an AsciiDoc formatted file to the backend format specified by the -b (--backend) command-line option. asciidoc(1) itself has little intrinsic knowledge of backend formats, all translation rules are contained in customizable cascading configuration files. Backend specific attributes are listed in the Backend Attributes section.

Outputs DocBook XML 4.5 markup.
This backend generates plain HTML 4.01 Transitional markup.
This backend generates XHTML 1.1 markup styled with CSS2. Output files have an .html extension.
This backend generates HTML 5 markup, apart from the inclusion of audio and video block macros it is functionally identical to the xhtml11 backend.
Use this backend to generate self-contained Slidy HTML slideshows for your web browser from AsciiDoc documents. The Slidy backend is documented in the distribution doc/slidy.txt file and
A minor variant of the html4 backend to support blogpost.
Experimental LaTeX backend.
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