AsciiDoc DocBook XSL Stylesheets drivers

You will have noticed that the distributed HTML and HTML Help documentation files (for example ./doc/asciidoc.html) are not the plain outputs produced using the default DocBook XSL Stylesheets configuration. This is because they have been processed using customized DocBook XSL Stylesheets along with (in the case of HTML outputs) the custom ./stylesheets/docbook-xsl.css CSS stylesheet.

You’ll find the customized DocBook XSL drivers along with additional documentation in the distribution ./docbook-xsl directory. The examples that follow are executed from the distribution documentation (./doc) directory. These drivers are also used by a2x(1).

Shared driver parameters. This file is not used directly but is included in all the following drivers.
Generate chunked XHTML (separate HTML pages for each document section) in the ./doc/chunked directory. For example:
$ python ../ -b docbook asciidoc.txt
$ xsltproc --nonet ../docbook-xsl/chunked.xsl asciidoc.xml
Used by a2x(1) to generate EPUB formatted documents.
Generate XSL Formatting Object (.fo) files for subsequent PDF file generation using FOP. For example:
$ python ../ -b docbook article.txt
$ xsltproc --nonet ../docbook-xsl/fo.xsl article.xml >
$ fop article.pdf
Generate Microsoft HTML Help source files for the MS HTML Help Compiler in the ./doc/htmlhelp directory. This example is run on MS Windows from a Cygwin shell prompt:
$ python ../ -b docbook asciidoc.txt
$ xsltproc --nonet ../docbook-xsl/htmlhelp.xsl asciidoc.xml
$ c:/Program\ Files/HTML\ Help\ Workshop/hhc.exe htmlhelp.hhp
Generate a roff(1) format UNIX man page from a DocBook XML refentry document. This example generates an asciidoc.1 man page file:
$ python ../ -d manpage -b docbook asciidoc.1.txt
$ xsltproc --nonet ../docbook-xsl/manpage.xsl asciidoc.1.xml
Convert a DocBook XML file to a single XHTML file. For example:
$ python ../ -b docbook asciidoc.txt
$ xsltproc --nonet ../docbook-xsl/xhtml.xsl asciidoc.xml > asciidoc.html

If you want to see how the complete documentation set is processed take a look at the A-A-P script ./doc/main.aap.

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