Toolchain components summary

Converts AsciiDoc (.txt) files to DocBook XML (.xml) files.
DocBook XSL Stylesheets
These are a set of XSL stylesheets containing rules for converting DocBook XML documents to HTML, XSL-FO, manpage and HTML Help files. The stylesheets are used in conjunction with an XML parser such as xsltproc(1).
An XML parser for applying XSLT stylesheets (in our case the DocBook XSL Stylesheets) to XML documents.
Generates PDF, DVI, PostScript and LaTeX formats directly from DocBook source via the intermediate LaTeX typesetting language —  uses DocBook XSL Stylesheets, xsltproc(1) and latex(1).
The Apache Formatting Objects Processor converts XSL-FO (.fo) files to PDF files. The XSL-FO files are generated from DocBook source files using DocBook XSL Stylesheets and xsltproc(1).
Microsoft Help Compiler
The Microsoft HTML Help Compiler (hhc.exe) is a command-line tool that converts HTML Help source files to a single HTML Help (.chm) file. It runs on MS Windows platforms and can be downloaded from
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