Document Processing

The AsciiDoc source document is read and processed as follows:

  1. The document Header is parsed, header parameter values are substituted into the configuration file [header] template section which is then written to the output file.
  2. Each document Section is processed and its constituent elements translated to the output file.
  3. The configuration file [footer] template section is substituted and written to the output file.

When a block element is encountered asciidoc(1) determines the type of block by checking in the following order (first to last): (section) Titles, BlockMacros, Lists, DelimitedBlocks, Tables, AttributeEntrys, AttributeLists, BlockTitles, Paragraphs.

The default paragraph definition [paradef-default] is last element to be checked.

Knowing the parsing order will help you devise unambiguous macro, list and block syntax rules.

Inline substitutions within block elements are performed in the following default order:

  1. Special characters
  3. Special words
  4. Replacements
  5. Attributes
  6. Inline Macros
  7. Replacements2

The substitutions and substitution order performed on Title, Paragraph and DelimitedBlock elements is determined by configuration file parameters.

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