Block Elements

Block elements consist of one or more lines of text and may contain other block elements.

The AsciiDoc block structure can be informally summarized as follows
[This is a rough structural guide, not a rigorous syntax definition]

Document      ::= (Header?,Preamble?,Section*)
Header        ::= (Title,(AuthorInfo,RevisionInfo?)?)
AuthorInfo    ::= (FirstName,(MiddleName?,LastName)?,EmailAddress?)
RevisionInfo  ::= (RevisionNumber?,RevisionDate,RevisionRemark?)
Preamble      ::= (SectionBody)
Section       ::= (Title,SectionBody?,(Section)*)
SectionBody   ::= ((BlockTitle?,Block)|BlockMacro)+
Block         ::= (Paragraph|DelimitedBlock|List|Table)
List          ::= (BulletedList|NumberedList|LabeledList|CalloutList)
BulletedList  ::= (ListItem)+
NumberedList  ::= (ListItem)+
CalloutList   ::= (ListItem)+
LabeledList   ::= (ListEntry)+
ListEntry     ::= (ListLabel,ListItem)
ListLabel     ::= (ListTerm+)
ListItem      ::= (ItemText,(List|ListParagraph|ListContinuation)*)


  • ? implies zero or one occurrence, + implies one or more occurrences, * implies zero or more occurrences.
  • All block elements are separated by line boundaries.
  • BlockId, AttributeEntry and AttributeList block elements (not shown) can occur almost anywhere.
  • There are a number of document type and backend specific restrictions imposed on the block syntax.
  • The following elements cannot contain blank lines: Header, Title, Paragraph, ItemText.
  • A ListParagraph is a Paragraph with its listelement option set.
  • A ListContinuation is a list continuation element.
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